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We Welcome All Independent and 9th grade teams to come compete
with the Ute Conference teams

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Independent Team Guidelines
1. Each Independent will reside in the same high school boundaries. Once the team fee is paid the high school boundaries will be mapped and registrations will be opened. (No Super league teams will be allowed to participate.  Individual players wanting to participate are required to sign up in an adjacent district.) 
2. All player equipment will be provided by the Ute Conference.
3. 5 Independent teams in the same high school boundaries will be required to become a franchised district in the Ute Conference.
4. Each Independent team agrees to abide by the Ute Conference bylaws, policies and procedures.
5. Home and Away Jerseys will be provided to player.
6. Team Fee $500.00  (non refundable)                                                         Click Here to Sign Up Your
7. Player Fee $250.00
8. All Coaches (5 max) on roster will need to be background checked and USA Certified
9. FAQ'S  playing age as July 1, of current year
10. FAQ'S Weight limits
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